The Boyden Farm

The Farm On! Philosophy

The Boyden Family

The Boyden Farm, true to its heritage, diversifies its farm-based businesses with an emphasis on our slogan: "Know where your food comes from."

We strive to change and adapt our business to keep the farm working, supplying our community with clean, safe, wholesome meats and providing a place to enjoy this fascinating piece of the Earth.

Years from now we hope to look back at the sweat, tears and hurdles and know that it was all worth it for the sake of our values and our vision of a true Vermont working farm.

The Milk House Market

The Milk House Market has been a wonderful part of the community and growth of Boyden Farm for years. Making business ideas and dreams work is creative as well as fun. The Milk House Market dream came out of growing our wholesale beef business. Mark and I have worked well together at this and feel that now is the right time to let the Market location here at the farm go.

The Milk House market is now closed.

Mark will continue to focus fully on the wholesale accounts that have grown from our initial ideas. Keeping these wholesale accounts alive and thriving takes much of Mark’s hard work and energy – along with full time farming! As for me, the restoration of the Barn and the event planning has recently transformed my life. Interacting with clients, barn tours and event planning takes extra time for all of the details.

Timeline of a Family Farm

A glance back helps us realize that we have created a wonderful timeline of agriculture-based dreams rolling into a lovely family farm. The Boyden Farm began milking at this location in 1914, sold the dairy herd in 2000 and switched to beef soon after; since then, we've opened the Market, scoop shop, corn maze and farm tours, and began small events with the pavilion. Our latest exciting change was to restore the big barn and turn it into a beautiful event space.

Future Plans

For 2010, I see shifting my time & efforts into the Barn and the magic of its many events to come, working closely with other local farms and businesses to provide them with our wholesale beef items,continuing the corn maze, pavilion events and connections with local businesses such as river trips and ice cream treats for Bert’s Boats, Green River Canoe, and Umiak. And especially spending more time with our growing girls, as their lists of interests and sports get longer!

Boyden Beef Cattle grazing.

How to Buy Boyden Beef

Boyden Farm Beef is available at the Tisberts' Valley Dream Farm on Pleasant Valley Rd. They will place weekly orders through Mark with weekly delivery, much the way the Milk House Market did. Please keep them advised of your favorites!

Our products will continue to be available from Markets and Restaurants, including Minors Store, Green Top Market, Sweet Clover Market, Healthy Living, Jericho Country Store, and Richmond Market.

Your Feedback is Always Welcome

If you have any questions or concerns about these future changes to Boyden Farm, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to help in any way. Thank you all for your continued support and patronage throughout the past years. It has been through the dedication of our customers and visitors that we have been able to follow through with these ideas for Boyden Farm, and now we look ahead to new horizons!

Lauri Boyden
June 2009

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